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Most people only consider the length of their feet when shopping for shoes. The reality is that there’s so much more to getting a great fit.

At Shoe Fly, our staff are highly knowledgeable, expertly trained, and equipped with our foolproof six-step method for measuring your feet and finding a perfect fit.

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Six Steps to Your Perfect Fit

  • Measure the length

    Step One: Measure the Length

    We carefully measure the length of your foot from heel to toe using a Brannock device, also taking note of the length of your arch by measuring from your heel to the ball of your foot.

  • Measure the width

    Step Two: Measure the Width

    While your foot is still in the Brannock device, we measure the width at its widest point.

  • Swap and Repeat

    Step Three: Swap and Repeat

    We repeat the first two steps for your alternate foot. Most people’s feet are at least slightly different, so we need to ensure your shoes will fit them both.

  • Step Four: Digital Foot Scan

    Using iStep technology we can check the height of your arches, pressure points on your feet, and your foot alignment to get a better understanding of your needs. This also lets us know if we need to include orthotics for fitting.

  • Step Five: Check the Fit

    Finally, we get your feet in some shoes, then recheck your length, width, and overall fit to ensure it’s a good match.

  • Step 6: Listen to Feedback

    Finally, we get your feedback to make sure everything fits comfortably.

Do You Need an Evaluation?

Whether you’re experiencing foot pain, you’re unhappy with your the fit of your current shoes or you simply don’t know the correct shoe for your foot type, we can help you find your fit. Even if you’ve already visited a pedorthist in the past, we recommend scheduling an appointment every year or two, as your feet can change over time. Fortunately, our appointments are free and we love to help.

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Who Should Schedule an Evaluation?

If one of these sounds like you, book an evaluation below today:

  • I have a prescription for orthotics from my doctor.

  • My feet are sore and I want a solution.

  • I have a favorite Shoe Fly employee that I’d prefer to see.

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