Kids Deserve a Great Fit Too!

Children’s feet grow quickly, but that doesn’t mean you should resort to the “they’ll grow into them” mentality.

At early ages, the right shoe can make a difference that lasts a lifetime. With the correct support when and where it’s needed, your kids can develop healthy, problem-free feet that will carry them as they play, explore, and grow up. With free regular fittings, we can help you to ensure that your kids will always have shoes that fit just right.

Shoe Fly is proud to offer kids’ shoes at our Altoona, Camp Hill, Harrisburg, and York locations.

Active Kids Need Healthy Feet

The most important reason that growing kids need properly fitting shoes is just that: they’re growing! That means they need all the support and stability they can get to stay active and grow to have healthy feet. For this reason, we recommend having their feet measured every three to four months.

Fun is Part of the Fit

We have a wide range of fun shoes from reliable brands for your kids to choose from. We believe it’s important that kids are happy and confident in their shoes, and our friendly staff will do their best to ensure that your kids walk out with a smile.

Shoes Fit For Kids

Shoe Fly offers free fittings for kids. When you bring them in, we’ll measure the length and width of their feet, just like we do for grown-ups, then bring out a range of styles in the correct size for them to try on. Once they’ve found a pair they like, we’ll recheck them to make sure there’s a little room to grow without compromising on the fit.

What Our Customers Say...

“Excellent customer service for a special needs child. The salesman was very helpful in finding shoes for a child with orthopedic issues and wide feet. Left with two pairs and plan to go back when she needs more.”

Kathleen T.

Are the Kids Due for a Fit?

Make an appointment now to ensure someone is ready to help fit your children for a new pair of shoes when you arrive.

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